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Congratulations to Raheem, our partners, and trustees on completing our first year as a charity. It’s been a fantastic and exciting journey together. We have formed a number of essential partnerships in the short time that the foundation has been in operation, allowing us to provide young people with the opportunity to gain skills and experience that can lead to education, employment, and social mobility.
I’d like to express my heartfelt appreciation to all of our partners for your dedication and creativity in collaborating with the foundation; this can only be matched by our insatiable quest for success for all beneficiaries who have benefited from the foundation’s contribution. We began with a few but have grown in size, experience, creativity, and a genuine desire to change people’s lives.
The foundation could not have made the impact we have in a year without your help; thank you for collaborating with us and making our purpose and goal a reality. You are not just our partners; you are one of our most valuable assets.
I recall when the foundation was still in its early stages. The amount of toil and hard work that we have all put in to see this foundation grow is incredible. All of our highs and lows as a team have led us here. All of our hard work and patience have finally paid off, and I am extremely happy and proud of each and everyone who have contributed to this moment as we begin to see the fruits of our labour.
To Chris and the team, thank you for your leadership and compassion for the foundation, which has allowed us to accomplish so much in such a short period of time. I also appreciate your time spent cultivating strong partnerships with the foundation.
Thank you, Raheem, for being one of the foundation’s strongest pillars and for everything you’ve done and sacrificed for the foundation. We, the trustees, want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for putting your trust in us to accomplish this particular milestone of the foundation.
You have given us complete authority over the foundation to ensure that your desire to give back to your community is realised, and we cannot thank you enough.
To our trustees, may we maintain our ethics and integrity while continuing to change lives through our work.
– Clive Ellington