A collaboration between the Raheem Sterling Foundation and Young Brent Foundation has launched its Brent Goes Global project which will see a group of 15 young people travel to Jamaica to work on community-established social action projects.

young brent 1Young Brent Foundation

At the heart of Brent Goes Global is education, employment and social mobility, mirroring both the Raheem Sterling Foundation and Young Brent Foundation’s ethos.

This project will aim to enhance the groups knowledge and appreciation of global cultures and social action initiatives, provide experiential learning opportunities and enable them to develop acquired skills such as fundraising and project management.

15 young people, who live in Raheem’s hometown of Brent, London, will be selected to embark on this life-enhancing experience to help further their future career paths and prospects. The participants will take part in 20 informative and fun workshops focused on the environment and employment with youth workers, guest speakers and industry experts.

These workshops will help develop personal and social skills and positive relationships before travelling to Jamaica in Spring 2024, where they will meet local communities and take part in community-based social action projects.

Clive Ellington, Chair of Trustees for Raheem Sterling Foundation commented ‘’Raheem, our very own boy from Brent has deep roots planted in Jamaica, the country where he was born, making this project even more special to us. The group of young people will have the chance to develop international friendships, immerse themselves in a new culture and community and learn skills to last a lifetime. We are privileged to be working on this project with the Young Brent Foundation, whose missions and values represent that of our own. We’re so excited to begin this journey and work with the young people in this life-changing opportunity.’’

According to the 2020 Brent Poverty Commission, statistics show that approx. 22% of children in Brent live in poverty. This has risen to 43% (Pre global economic inflation 2022) meaning families cannot afford for their children to enjoy and benefit from activities such as educational holidays and trips to build an understanding of history and culture. Raheem Sterling Foundation and Young Brent Foundation understand the importance of youth culture and the ability it has to strengthen communities for generations to come.

Chris Murray, CEO Young Brent Foundation added* ‘’Thanks to the Raheem Sterling Foundation and Raheem personally, the young people of Brent will gain an insight into what ‘Out of Many, One People’ means. Young Brent Foundation will support the growth mindset of young people from across the many cultural communities in Brent to explore and learn with young people in Jamaica. 

 The young people will gain from intercultural friendships, explore new cultures and make lasting memories. We are honoured to be a partner on this project with RSF, whose drive and ambitions will leave a lasting impact on the young people of Brent. We are as excited as the young people to share in this opportunity of a lifetime.’’

Chris murrayChris Murray, CEO Young Brent Foundation