Raheem has teamed up with meditation teacher, Dora Kamau, in a new seven-day collection to empower the youth of today

Our Founder, Raheem Sterling, continues his ongoing partnership with leading meditation app, Headspace, and recently revealed a new first-of-its-kind in-app content collection titled, ‘Power of Mind with Raheem’.

The collection of videos and meditations, led by Headspace meditation teacher, Dora Kamau addresses the stigma of mental health amongst the youth. Raheem and Dora explore seven key themes which are designed to be followed across seven days. The themes focus on the importance of discipline, overcoming obstacles and being kind to yourself. The content gives Headspace members a unique insight into how Raheem – four-time Premier League winner and UEFA EURO ’21 finalist – has strengthened his mental health through the power of meditation.

The first theme is structured around ‘Understanding our why…’ exploring how to find space when training your mind and why it is important to set intentions when starting out with meditation, being mindful of what’s achievable. Raheem notes,

‘It’s important to be kind to yourself and make sure you know you’re human at the end of the day.’

For the second theme, ‘Showing Up in Life’, the duo navigate how to find motivation through meditation practice and build self-confidence.

The third and fourth themes – ‘Overcoming Difficulties’ and ‘How We Talk to Ourselves’ – dive into how to cope with pressure, and practising self-compassion.

The final three themes of the seven-day collection – ‘In The Zone’, ‘Staying on the Ball’ and ‘Cause for Celebration’ – explore kindness, commitment and gratitude.

Raheem unlocks the ‘feel-good factor’ of meditation throughout the course, and reaffirms why celebrating our personal achievements cultivates a winning  mindset.

Raheem speaks candidly about his own journey with meditation, noting that he is ‘in a much more peaceful mindset now.’


Speaking of the partnership, Raheem Sterling, says:

“I’m excited to share this new collection with Headspace members. Dora and I talk about meditation and mental health in an open and honest way, which I hope will encourage more kids to take interest in the practice and, most importantly, have the tools available to not only transform the way they think, but also process their thoughts in a way that helps them to make the best possible decisions. Mental training, through meditation, is as important as physical training – doing it regularly helps me to have a much calmer, clearer and sharper mind. When we are in a good mindset, our potential is limitless. Meditation is a great practice – once I learnt how to train the mind, I had the power over my mind, not vice-versa, which was a game-changer.”

Headspace’s collection can be found in-app, titled ‘Power of Mind with Raheem’. Go to headspace.com/raheem to redeem an exclusive 3 month free trial of Headspace available for 24 hours from 22nd June.