The Power of 7 – Raheem Sterling Foundation’s Journey and Commitments for 2024

When the Raheem Sterling Foundation was established, it was founded upon seven core values: community, opportunity, creativity, empowerment, belief, journey, and education. These guiding principles have been the root of our approach and offerings as we embarked on our mission over the past two years.

In those two years, the Foundation has built impactful partnerships and delivered projects that benefit young people in Manchester and Brent. We’ve remained steadfast in honouring those core values, always striving to make a positive impact on the lives of young individuals and enabling social mobility.

Power of 7 Graphic2

Our Vision

Our vision at the Raheem Sterling Foundation has always been to create an environment where young people will have the support they need in the pursuit of greater opportunities and to improve their future career prospects and their quality of life.

Central to our mission is the concept of social mobility – a process facilitating movement between different socio-economic positions across generations. It’s a principle that the Raheem Sterling Foundation wholeheartedly champions.

Removing barriers for young individuals in their personal, educational, and professional pursuits to enable social mobility is the essence of our work. Collaborating with partners and driving initiatives that unlock opportunities and clear paths for young people is our commitment.

As we step into our third year and embark on our work in 2024, we are placing greater emphasis on the Power of 7 and sharing our commitments for the year ahead as the Foundation continues its impactful journey.

  1. Social Mobility: We will work with partners and initiatives that work to remove obstacles for young people in their personal, educational and professional endeavours.
  2. Employment: We will collaborate with businesses and fund initiatives that will inspire and create pathways for career choices and employment opportunities.
  3. Education: We will support education projects through formal instruction or vocational support to unlock opportunities.
  4. Enterprise: We will support ideas to fuel entrepreneurial growth in young individuals and across communities.
  5. Leadership: We will create opportunities for the leaders of tomorrow to expand their experiences and find their voice.
  6. Creativity: We will support projects that enable young people to explore their creativity and unlock potential and develop the skills needed to progress into future creative careers.
  7. Community: We will support projects that support families and build safer communities.

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