Celebrating two years of the Raheem Sterling Foundation

As we celebrate the second anniversary of our foundation, we are immensely proud of the extraordinary milestones we have achieved since the launch in November 2021.


Image shows: young people on air at talkSPORT with the Raheem Sterling Broadcast Academy.

We have made significant accomplishments over the past year including the innovative “Making of Me” project in collaboration with the National Portrait Gallery, the establishment of the Raheem Sterling Broadcast Academy with talkSPORT, and our significant investment in scholarships, enabling four students to pursue their dreams at Manchester University and Kings College London.

Our journey over these two years as a Foundation has been remarkable; creating key and long-standing partnerships and impactful opportunities for young individuals to become the best they can be.

Brent goes Global white

Image shows: Chris Murray, CEO Young Brent Foundation, Cllr Orleen Hylton, Mayor of Brent and Chris Bird, CEO Raheem Sterling Foundation at launch of Brent Goes Global.

We want to send a special thanks to Chris and the team for their inspiring leadership and dedication which has been instrumental in everything we have achieved so far.


Image shows: Raheem at the launch of the Raheem Sterling Foundation in November 2021. 

To Raheem, your role as a foundational pillar has been extraordinary. Your sacrifices and trust in us as trustees have been pivotal in reaching this significant two-year milestone.

Your vision for the future of young people has been realised and we look forward to continuing this exciting journey for years to come.

– Clive Ellington & Abdi Farah, Trustees