Each month, youngsters in Brent and Manchester are participating in workshops to plan, produce, record and edit podcasts, with guidance and support from the talkSPORT programming team.

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For the third podcast, students from Ark Elvin Academy and the Young Brent Foundation in London were invited to talkSPORT’S headquarters in central London to interview former England striker Darren Bent.

The talkSPORT Drivetime co-presenter was quizzed on a range of topics, including the pressures of becoming a footballer and trying to follow in his dad’s foosteps, his favourite trainers and his aims for his new YouTube channel, Darren Bent TV.

Darren himself said that he really enjoyed the questions from the pupils, and encouraged them to carry on asking good questions and using their voices all the time.

Before grilling the ex-Charlton, Tottenham and Sunderland forward, they were treated to a tour of the radio stations that are housed in News UK, and fot to see presenters live on air at talkSPORT, Virgin radio and Talk TV.

You can listen to the latest Raheem Sterling Broadcast Academy podcast in full here